Work Experience Program

Work Experience Programs

KAT operates a Work Experience program where participants will have the opportunity to earn wages while acquiring soft work skills such as punctuality, grooming, proper social intercourse, and other job related etiquette. The program is conducted in a light industrial environment and is designed to complement the persons vocational development and community employment prospects. This program is not meant to replace but offer another avenue of activity in conjunction with the employment programming from Kitsap County vendors.

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The Fair Labor Standards Act provides for the employment of certain individuals at wage rates below the minimum wage where productive capacity is impaired by a physical or mental disability, including those related to age or injury, for the work to be performed. KAT has certification from the Wage and Hour Division to offer this work experience. In this structure each participant is paid by piece rate and earns in relation to the production level achieved. Due to certain restrictions there is only a limited number of positions available in this program. For more information contact KAT.