Activity Center

The KAT Daytime Activity Center provides a healthy, safe, and engaging learning experience for Developmentally Disabled adults. This program was developed to provide recreational options to this under served population.  It was developed in conjunction with local professionals and with input from parents and guardians directly involved with the program. This supervised and structured environment provides a creative option to fill a service-gap resulting from the recent curtailment of county service hours that impacted so many.

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This program supports the continuum of care model in conjunction with other community venders offering their own variety of on-going activities. KAT knows that the more options available through the network of Kitsap service providers the better for the individualized needs of those served.

Since the launch of the pilot program in October 2012, this program has offered a venue for creative, educational, and social activities with friends and neighbors.  These individuals can take part in various forms of recreation at our Activity Center while keeping their communication, tactile and sensory skills sharp. According to the parents and guardians, the program scores high in offering a comfortable alternative to otherwise unproductive “down time”.

 KAT Daytime Activity Center- Mission

The KAT Daytime Activity Center provides an engaging spectrum of activities to promote, learning, recreation and skill building for Developmentally Disabled Adults.

An essential part the total solution The KAT Daytime Activity Center establishes a place where clients can occupy their time in creative and worthwhile activities. The human health and welfare benefits achieved through such a program include socializing with people of similar interests, discovering new areas of interests and abilities, exposure to educational information, and providing the primary care giver with respite time to recharge, regroup, and recuperate.