Kitsap Applied Technologies (KAT) has always focused on recycling materials whenever possible to reduce waste and lessen adverse affects on our Northwest environment.  One such program involves the re-use of industrial materials received from one of our partners.  Some of the items are returned for reuse by aerospace company the rest are sorted and analyzed for potential new uses.  Some of these materials are being sold as Kitsap-KAPS.  All proceeds from the sale go back into supporting the KAT mission, “Kitsap Applied Technologies: Promoting employment for Disabled Veterans and Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

We receive large bins of multicolored industrial grade rubber caps that are used to cover containers and pipes of various sizes and uses.  The source departments have requested we sort and return the orange caps for reuse.  The rest of the material would be scrap unless we can find an appropriate use for those materials.


The remaining caps are sorted by color and size to be sold commercially to provide needed revenues to KAT to help more Veterans and disabled adults.