THE KAT BOARD Of Directors:

KAT Operational Oversight is provided by a volunteer board of directors working in concert with the management and the wonderful staff at KAT.

Board Members (Click to view current board member list)

New board members are recruited by current members, agency staff or through advertisement. Once invited, applicants must submit an application and letter of interest. They must also attend a scheduled board meeting and answer questions from board members prior to being voted and accepted as a new member.

The Board’s role: The role of the board of directors is to set the policies, monitor the finances, and develops both short and long-term goals for the agency.  They also hire and evaluate an Executive Director who runs the day to day operations of the agency following the policies and goals that have been set. They are in charge of committee and sub-committee assignments and carry out “as needed” tasks as suggested by the director or the board. 

Term limits apply:  Board of Director Executive Board is usually elected at the June meeting and take office on July 1, to coincide with the start of KAT’s fiscal year. The KAT executive Board positions expire at the June board meeting. New members will be recruited as needed.  Ideally a core group of board members will have extensive backgrounds with KAT and the special needs communities we serve.  The board members represent a dynamic cross section of industries and educational backgrounds.

Click here to view KAT’s Current Bylaws